A Yale 88 rim latch, or an equal replacement? Your choice, you are the customer.

The Master Locksmiths web shop is giving you the choice between a Yale 88 rim night latch and an equal lock, which will do exactly the same job as the 88.

The difference between the Yale 89 and the Yale 88 is that the 88 latch does not double lock with a key from the outside, ideal for the use in tenement buildings, where high security is not needed, as tenants cannot be locked in by mistake.

The Yale latch is not meant for Insurance specifications on front doors to buildings, as it is not an Insurance rated lock, but is ideal if needed for just latching the door, I must point out that I have seen a prevention of a burglary, because the standard Yale lock has prevented the door from being forced.

A British Standard lock should always be added to the front entrance door, for Insurance purposes, as somewhere in your Insurance policy, it will state a B.S. lock is required.

The 88 Nightlatch cylinders can be passed and mastered with any other cylinder on the same section, you can order as many keys as you require, with the lock.

The standard Yale 88 Nightlatch is suitable for internal or external doors, it operates with a key from the outside and a knob lever from the inside, this latch cannot be double locked, from the outside with key.

The 88 Nightlatch has a snib on the inside box to hold the latch back, as well as dead latching it to prevent entry with a key from the outside.

For external doors it is advisable to fit a BS3621 5 lever deadlock, as well as the 88, for Insurance purposes.

The finishes of the cylinders are either brass or chrome.

The Nightlatch comes with 2 keys.

The lock to the right is the equivalent Nightlatch to the 88; it does exactly the same operation and will actually fit the same plate fixings as the Yale, but, is a large reduction in the cost element.

This lock only comes with a brass cylinder, but can be made up with a chrome cylinder; it can be mastered and passed to any cylinder on the same section, as well as coming with as many keys as required, when ordering the lock. The Nightlatch comes with 2 keys.

If you would like a different combination to the above, cylinders to pass or a different combination of keys, or would like a price on any other type of lock, including the Yale 88, please follow this link to go to our web shop page, give all details of what you require and we will come back with a price as soon as possible.

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