The Web Shop of Master Locksmiths sells all types of Window Restrictors, at discounted prices.

Window Restrictors

Our aim at Master Locksmiths is to offer all types of Locks and accessories at fair prices, which our Customers can afford to pay for, and this applies also to Restrictors to any Window, which we sell through our Web Shop.

You will find all types of Locks and accessories, for Window security, to purchase through our "WEB SHOP", remember somewhere in your Home Insurance Policy, it will state key operated Window Locks must be fitted to all accessible Windows. For this reason we will suggest different costs of Locks and Restrictors For Windows, which are key operated and none key operated at discounted prices.


The ERA 720 for wooden windows.

The ERA Window Restrictor is designed specifically with child safety in mind.

The Window Restrictor restricts window opening to 75mm (3”). It is manufactured from high tensile aluminium and is available in two finishes, white and silver.

A special key is used to unlock and the lock can only be disconnected when the window is closed.

The Window Restrictor is ideal for high rise buildings as it allows ventilation with safety.

It is available for both wooden and metal framed windows.

It comes with packing pieces key and fixing screw plus detailed fixing plan.

The ERA 721 Window Restrictor for metal Windows.

Does the same job as an ERA 720 Restrictor, but, is for use on metal windows, comes with the key and packing pieces, does not come supplied with fixing screws.

These restrictors are not meant to take the place of locks.

The cabled WSR200 Window safety restrictor is ideal with any window opening outwards, it can be fitted to wooden, metal or UPVC windows. It comes with a key and plugs for the screw holes.

This restrictor is not meant to take the place of any lock.

Is ideal for preventing the window from opening to far, for a child’s bedroom or nursery or even, top floor windows where ventilation is needed.

The ERA Ventilation Locks or Window Restrictors been designed especially for UPVC windows and doors.

With its shaped and robust styling the ventilation lock is an excellent home safety device allowing the window to be opened for air flow but remain locked preventing entry through the window. It is simple and easy to use with no key required.

It can be used on UPVC doors in the same way that a door chain is used, but as there is no chain, the door will not be scratched.

As the product is non-handed it can be used for inward and outward opening doors.

The ventilation lock is available in white and two different packing pieces are provided to cater for the differing heights between the leaf and frame.

If you would like a price on any locks which we do not show on our "WEB SHOP" or would like locks passed or mastered or would even like to know more about the Restictors for Windows, please follow this link to our Contact Page, where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or of course you could telephone our office direct on 0208 800 3792 to speak to a member of our team.

If you would like our Master Locksmiths or Carpenters to do an Installation of a High Security Deadlock or any other Lock, including the Window Restrictors above please fill in the form below and submit to us, we will respond as soon as possible with an estimate, or please telephone our office on 0208 800 3792 and our staff will be happy to give you a verbal estimate. WE ARE NOT A CALL CENTRE.


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