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There are many types of Lock Cylinders on todays market, with various degrees of security, there are basic 5 pinned cylinders, registered cylinders, anti snap cylinders, high security cylinders and more, the problem arises, on what is the best cylinder for your security needs.

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* 5 pin Euro cylinders

* Yale Replacement Standard Cylinders

* Ingersoll Cylinder

A cylinder is a separate locking device from the actual case of any lock, for example a rim lock consists of the body of the lock, the latching action, and the CYLINDER which operates the latch.

The Lock Cylinders action can work with pins, discs, wafers and magnets, depending on the security needed; the cylinder can be rekeyed easily, without replacing the complete lock.

Normally removing the cylinder from a lock to rekey, master or pass, just needs taking out the fixing screws of the cylinder.There are a number of different types of cylinders for instance there is the standard cylinder, which is used in the night latch, constructed of the locking mechanism plus a tail at the back, which operates the latching action.

Then there is the Euro, Oval, Round, Swiss and Scandinavian profile type section, which works with a cam in the centre, to operate the lock inside, either with two separate cylinders or one complete cylinder, this works on standard mortise type locks and is ideal for doors of various thicknesses.


Cylinders are also used for the construction of padlocks and knob type locks.The key construction of keys for cylinders can vary widely, for instance there standard Yale type keys, Abloy keys, Mul-T-Lock type keys and crucifix keys, again this depends on the manufacturer.

The advantages of using a cylinder type lock, is that they can be mastered and passed easily, the disadvantage is the fitting of the wrong cylinder, for example fitting a long cylinder makes it easier to snap a cylinder, to gain entry.

Another advantage of using a cylinder lock, is it enables the user to be able to use the same key on a variety of different locks, rim lock, deadlock, padlocks etc.

It is always advisable to protect the cylinder, where possible, by using cylinder protector roses, with anti drill plates, normally found on British standard locks, this prevents snapping of cylinders and makes it harder to drill the cylinder.

Try to purchase also, anti bump cylinders, where possible.

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