A High Security Insurance Approved Euro Spec Deadlock, with turn Knob that conforms to BS8621-2004 but eliminates the fire risk.

Want to fit a High Security Deadlock, but afraid of the fire risk? Well the Euro Spec Deadlock British Standard lock will do exactly what you want.

It is a British Standard Deadlock, with a turn knob to the inside and key operation on the outside and conforms to the DS8621-2004 requirements.

The lock comes with its own cylinder plus hardened roses, protecting the cylinder from drilling attacks; the lock comes in a Satin or Brass finish.

The Euro Spec Deadlock comes with either a key and key operation and a key and turn knob operation, it conforms to British Standard requirements and is covered by the British Standard Kite Mark. It comes with 3 keys and all fitting instructions, with its high security rose, which helps prevent drilling of the cylinder; it is an ideal lock for fixing to a front door, in place of a standard type mortise Lock. The hardened cylinder rose, bolts around the cylinder housing of the lock, helping to hold the door together in a forced entry.

The lock can be mastered or passed with the

ERA 1830 Rim Lock,

and can be used with either the key and key cylinder or the turn knob cylinder. The High Security Deadlock can be also fitted with the ERA Escape Nightlatch giving the High Security option on Communal front doors, but, allowing exit without the use of keys, from the inside, stopping the fire risk associated with keyed deadlocks.

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