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Are you looking for the Asec Traditional Nightlatch to replace the damaged one you have? Well then the this Traditional Nightlatch page is for you, it replaces the Yale 77 Traditional Night Latch, using the same fixing holes and cylinder, we can Master and pass these cylinders, to the quantity which is required, as well as copying as many keys as you like to go with them.

The Night Latch is suitable for solid wooden doors it is in the classic traditional style of the old type Night Latch.

It is key operated from the outside and has a knob operation from the inside; the Night Latch comes with a six pinned cylinder either in brass or satin chrome and is supplied with 3 keys.

They come in 2 different sizes the standard 60mm backset and the Narrow 40mm backset which comes with just a brass cylinder.

The Asec Traditional Nightlatch, which comes with either a brass cylinder or a chrome cylinder. Ideal for solid wooden doors, it is only meant for a Nightlatch action, not for high security use.

It comes with all the fitting screws, including back plate and rose.

Supplied with a 6 pinned cylinder and 3 keys, can be mastered and passed to same section cylinder.

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This Asec Traditional Nightlatch is the Narrow version of the above, it has a 40mm backset and also comes with all fixing screws, rose, back plate and 3 keyed cylinder.

It is meant for solid narrow styled doors.

It comes with a brass cylinder only, but on request we can supply a satin chrome cylinder.

Can be passed and mastered with same section cylinders.

All items shown on Master Locksmiths "WEB SHOP" include VAT.

If you would like the cylinders of your Asec Traditional Nightlatch Mastered or passed, then please follow this link to our contact page, let us know what you require and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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